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1 - How does alterations work if i need any?

If there is something wrong with the dress will we sort it out immediately, if the client lost or gained weight that cannot be adjusted with a lace up will the alterations be for the clients account. We also request clients to wear the same height shoe that they will wear on your big day.

2 - How does the process work?

1. All our dresses are custom made therefore we will need the following information from you.

·         Measurements (You will find this at the top under colour & measuring charts)

·         Colour (Also under the chart button)

·         Any extras you might need - Petticoat (Stiffening) or / and a veil

2. Once we have the above information including your 80% deposit will we start with your order

3. The dress will go through a quality check at our offices before it will be sent to you.

4. If there is any issue's / problems with the dress that we cannot resolve with alterations will the exact dress be remade at no extra charge.

5. If there are any alterations you may need to have done after you received your dress - For instance making shorter etc. a preferred providers contact details will be made available to you.



3 - Is the final product exactly like the pictures?

As all our dresses are custom made replica's and NOT the originals do we offer our clients the highest quality of workmanship and material and between 90-95% similarity. 

4 - What colours can my dress be?

Please visit our Colour Chart you will find at our top menu. All our colours available can be found there. 

5 - What extra costs will there be beside the price advertised on the website


  • South Africa - R250.00
  • International @ R510.00 per wedding/Evening Dress and R310.00 for a bridesmaids/flowergirl dress



  • Petticoat
  • Veils
  • Garters
  • Shoes 

6 - What is your return policy?

As all our dresses are fully customised to our clients requirements and measurements do we not offer a return policy, if there is something seriously wrong that cannot be altered will the same style & dress be remade free of charge. 

Please ensure your measurements and requirements are correct on your order confirmation you will receive before we will start with the dress. 

If there is something seriously wrong with your garment, will the same dress be remade. 

7 - Where are you situated?

We have branches as follows:

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Port Elizabeth 
  • Namibia (Windhoek)

Please view contact information on our Contact Us Page. 

8 - Testing


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